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Brand: HOOVER Model: 41019104 41042258
Specifications:220 - 240V50 Hz0.25 AClass: 155Fits models:HOOVERAHD 127V/1-80, DMP 413AIW3/1-80, DWT L413AIW3/1-8, DWT L610AIW3/1-8, DXA 48W3/1-80, DXA 48W3-80, DXA 49W3/1-80, DXA 59BC3/1-80, DXA 610AIW3/1-80, DXA 68AW3/1-80, DXA 68W3/1-80, DXA 69AW3/1-80, DXA4 37A/1-S, DXA4 37A/2-S, DXC 37A-30, DXC..
Fits Models:HOTPOINTAQ113D 69EH UK, AQ113DA 697 I UK, AQ113DA 697E UK, AQ113DA 697S UK, AQ114D 69D E UK, AQ114F 49D E UK, AQ73F 49E UK, AQ91F 49E UK, AQAOF9437EUK, BHWM 129 (UK), BHWM 129 (UK) /1, BHWM 129 (UK)/2, BHWM 149 (UK), BHWM 149 (UK)/2, BHWM149UK2, BHWMD 732 (UK), BHWMD 742 (UK), BHWMED 149..
Brand: BEKO Model: BEKO
BEKO1400, 1600, B10B7S, B10B7SLED, B7SMSF, D26081E, D26101ES, D46081E, DDWM7100W, EL6000AA, ELB57001M, ELB67001Y, ELB67031PTYA, ELVITA FAMILY, ELY67031PTYB3, ELY77031PTLYB3, EV5100, EV5100+Y, EV5101, EV5140, EV5600, EV5600+, EV5600+Y, EV5600Y, EV5800, EV5800+Y, EV5801, EV5801+, EV6100, EV6101+, EV61..
Brand: INDESIT Model: 6205z 6206z
Fits models:HOTPOINTW 161 (UK), WD 11 (UK), WD 12 (UK), WD 12 S (UK), WD 12 X (UK), WDE 12 (UK), WIE 147 (UK), WIE 147 (UK) (CO), WIE 157 S (UK), WIE 167 (UK), WIE157SUK, WIL 143 (UK), WIL 143 S(UK),  WIL 144 SP (UK), WIL 153 (UK), WIL 163 (UK), WIL 163 S (UK)..
Model: 490472401
Brand: WHIRLPOOL Model: 12001514
Genuine Whirlpool Switch AssemblyPART NUMBER 12001514..
Brand: HOOVER Model: 40008542
Dimensions:42cm x 37cm***Please note: all dimensions indicated in this ad are approximate and may vary slightly from indicated measurements. They are included as a guide to assist you in selecting the right part for your machine***Fits models:HOOVERDYC 169A-80, DYC 71013NB-80, DYC 71013NBX-S, DYC 78..
Brand: HOOVER Model: 92784297
Replacement  Hoover  Integrated Washing Machine Cupboard Door HingeFits models: HDB244-80, HDB284-80, HDB284-SY, HWB240-80, HWB280-30S, HWB280-80, HWD120TD80, HWM120TS80, HJA8552Part number: 92784297Genuine Hoover replacement part...
Brand: HOOVER Model: Hoover
HOOVER Washing Machine Drain Hose Washer Dryer Outlet Water Pipe 4m 19 & 22mmHigh quality compatible replacement outlet hose & bracket for your Hoover washer dryer / washing machine.End Diameter:19mm & 22mmFits models:HOOVER..
Brand: HOOVER Model: 41028717
Fits models:HOOVERDYN 7124DZ/130, DYN 7124DZ30, DYN 7125DZ30, DYN 7144D/116S, DYN 7144D16S, DYN 7144D84, DYN 7144DDK, DYN 7144DP89S, DYN 7164D84, DYN 8124D-17, DYN 8124D-18S, DYN 8124D-37, DYN 8124D17, DYN 8124D18S, DYN 8124D80, DYN 8124DZ-30, DYN 8124DZ30, DYN 8125DZ30, DYN 81424D/184, DYN 81424D84..
Brand: HOTPOINT Model: C00142206
HOTPOINT Genuine Washing Machine Drain Outlet Hose Pipe C00142206 2.14mGenuine original replacement drain hose for your Hotpoint washing machine.Hose length: 2.14 metresFits models:HOTPOINTAQ113D 697 I UK, AQ113D 697E UK, AQ113D 697S UK, AQ113D 69EH UK, AQ113D697IUK, AQ113D69EUA, AQ113DA 6..
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